July 29, 2018

 As a painter, I tend to focus more on the visual aspect of the nature where I get most of my inspirations for my paintings.

Going though the forest of the Rockies reminded me of how important it is to explore other senses when I'm in nature.

I vividly remember the smell...

December 30, 2017

I've been enjoying colors emerging from crisp winter morning.  

November 25, 2017

 I was watching a spectacular sunset the other day, beautiful colors and a lot of movements.  As it was happening, I happened to look across the opposite direction and there it was, calm misty pink and purple blending into a night sky. It was subtle and powerful at the...

November 19, 2017

 These two paintings are created based on the theme "Morning".

I have been studying and observing colors and lights in the early mornings.  Orange glow created by lights hitting the Catalina mountains, shimmering lights coming through leaves and branches of mesquit...

November 5, 2017

 Seeing the landscape of the southwest from a different perspective, in this case from the airplane, is fascinating.  You can witness the geological history as it is not covered by a thick forest.

  This painting, I had the paper flat on the floor, and le...

October 28, 2017

Autumn, it's a beautiful season to live through but not here in Tucson.  It's pretty much a cooler summer.

Sometimes I long for the experiences that inspire me to paint.  It's easier when I can visit beautiful places but most of the time, I'm at home thinking about what...

October 21, 2017

 The mood created by the moonlight is fascinating and calming at time. 

Colors and shapes of objects are muted by the subtle moonlight along with the quietness of night.  Just abstract lines and shapes with few colors.

In this sensory overloaded time, I ce...

September 14, 2017

 I have been experiencing this feeling that I can't quite explain. I'm not quite sure when or how it started but its definitely there, may be related to recent natural disasters?  I figure I might as well put it on the canvas.  During the process, I did feel the strong...

August 6, 2017

 My focus on this painting was textures. Not only in the physical sense of paint textures but also the textures of clouds in the sky, from thick to almost transparent fibrous ones.

 There are so many textures in the sky during the monsoon season. Here is my interpr...

August 3, 2017

 In this painting, I tried to illustrate the quietness of the sunset after the thunderstorm using defused light and soft brush strokes.

I was imagining the sound of raindrops coming down from the eves and at the distance, seeing the light shimmering through a dark sky.

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